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Scroll down below and take a look at our new and informative tips section. Here you'll find many useful solutions regarding keeping your home's attic and crawl spaces clean, rodent proofing, and how our complete insulation services can save you energy and make your home more comfortable all year long.

Check your firewood piles for signs of rodents

If you have a fireplace and you store wood chips in large piles in the backyard, check it occasionally for signs of infestation. Rats and mice love to hide in woodpiles, and can easily enter your house when hunting for food. Ideally, wood should be stored above the ground to reduce the risk of nesting, but keeping the pile at least 20 feet away from your house will also help to reduce the likelihood of this problem.

Pay attention to your energy bill

As much as it may be hard to look at every month, if your energy bill seems to be getting worse and worse over time, this can mean there's something going on within your home that needs attention. If the insulation in your attic or crawl space has been damaged and is allowing air out, getting it replaced will fix it. There may instead be too much dust built up in the ducts from a dirty attic, or too many air leaks from holes.

Get your crawl space cleaned periodically

You may not often consider it, but your home's crawl space homes many important functions of your house, like pipes, cables, and insulation. Allowing dust, debris, and otherwise to stack up over time threatens all of these things and could cause a lot of trouble down the line. Animals may be drawn in and start tearing things up, mold can begin growing, and more. Just getting the area cleaned out now and then will drastically help in preventing these problems and protecting your household.

Check for mold in your attic

It's important to catch mold as quickly as possible to ensure it doesn't have time to spread too far and eat away at important components of your attic, including anything stored up there. It's also dangerous if the spores are breathed in, so it's best to check the area every now and then for signs of it. If you notice a mildew smell or discolored spots that tend to be dark colors, it's best to call an expert and have them take a look.


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