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Take a look at our FAQ section below for answers to many of today's most frequently asked questions from our customers about keeping their attics and crawl spaces clean and rodent-free. Scroll down below and enjoy our experts' comments and solutions.

How can I find where the mice are nesting?

Signs of mice nesting activities are usually easy to detect. Start by looking for shredded paper, bits of insulation, fabric and thread, or even wood chips or small pellets. Often the nest looks like a roundish pile, about 4-6 inches in diameter and can be found in the attic, with small dark droppings and bits of food nearby. Mice like to stay close to their nest so it will probably be less than 25 feet from a source of food.

Do you offer mold services?

Yes, we offer both prevention and removal services! Prevention is to help keep mold from occurring to begin with by locating all areas that are at risk for mold growth, usually those in close proximity to water. A special solution is applied that can protect the walls and other spots from this issue. If mold is already spreading, our experts can carefully remove it and dispose of it to keep your home safe from the damages it can cause, as well as the health troubles.

What is a radiant barrier?

A radiant barrier is put in place carefully on the roof of the attic to bounce the sun's rays away from the home, thus naturally keeping the attic and rest of the home cooler. It's especially helpful in the summer to keep air conditioning costs down. It resembles aluminum foil wrap but is sturdier and made to have a highly reflective surface on one side that does the work of reflecting the sun's light away. It also can help keep your home further insulated overall.

What is attic air sealing?

No matter how well insulated your attic is, there will inevitably still be small cracks that will allow air to escape. Even if it's only a little at a time, it will still add up and be wasting your energy and increasing your spending. Attic air sealing is a great way to reduce this waste, as it involves our experts carefully finding all leaks and sealing them to make sure your attic is airtight and will no longer allow even a little air to escape.


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