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Our cleaning experts can make sure your attic doesn't become infested with this dangerous fungus

Attic Cleaning

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What Are Signs That You Need a Cleaning?

Aside from seeing a thick layer of dust in the attic first hand, there are other signals to keep an eye out for. If there's discoloration on wood or belongings, that likely means that mold is spreading. Droppings or greasy spots on the floors indicate that rodents have invaded, and either of these can cause a foul odor that's noticeable if you’re near the entrance to the area. If you or anyone else in your family are experiencing allergy symptoms or issues with breathing disorders like asthma even indoors, that may indicate that dust is polluting the air from the attic and causing these negative side-effects. You might also notice a rising energy bill thanks clogged ducts or due to damaged insulation from pest invasions.

Why Does It Matter?

Dust is more than just messy, it can cause all sorts of issues for your home overall. It may create a perfect environment for mold to grow and spread, which will eat away at most anything in your attic, as well as spread hazardous spores in the process. It also might entice in pests like insects and rodents, both of which can harm wood and belongings. Rodents also leave behind diseased waste, another health risk that can make its way into your household and tear up insulation to use for nesting. Just the dust itself is problematic, thanks to it being drawn into the ducts through air circulation which can cause blocks, decreasing air flow and forcing systems to run longer. This is all in addition to contaminating the air itself, as previously mentioned.

We Can Handle It!

Whatever the trouble may be, our professionals will have it taken care of in no time and your attic like new again! We use only the best equipment available to ensure that the job is done thoroughly, as well quickly, while still promising protection from any cross-contamination into the air.

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