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R-Value and What It Means to You

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R-Value and What It Means to You

R-Value and What It Means | Attic Cleaning Concord, CA

If you live in a house you've probably had to deal with insulation at one point or another. And if you've ever had to deal with insulation, you've probably come across the term R-Value. What does it stand for? What does it mean? And why should you care? Read on for the answers.

Understanding R-Value

Plainly put, R-Value determines the level of resistance a given substance of a given thickness has against heat transfer. In other words, it describes how easy it is for heat to travel through certain substances. If a certain material easily transfers heat it has a low R-Value and if another material (like those used for insulation) does not allow heat to travel through it and repels it, it has a high R-Value.

How Do You Know Which R-Value You Need?

In order to standardize the issue, the entire country has been divided into zones, and each rated differently, according to the average weather – the warmer the area the higher the required R-Value of the materials used for insulation.

R-Value in Attic Insulation

The attic, being the most exposed part of the house, requires the highest R-Value levels, which are rated from 0 (the least resistant to heat transfer) to 60 (the most resistant to heat transfer). That is why when you call for our professional attic insulation installation services, our technicians, more likely than not, will recommend more sturdy insulation than those required for other parts of the house. Before installation they will make sure all previously used material has been fully and completely removed and that the area is perfectly clean and ready for the new layer to be put in.

Once that is done and the process successfully completed, they will make sure to leave the area clean and safe for use. One other thing they'll do is dispose of all leftovers of the old material which might be infected with mold or bacteria.

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