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Rodent Proofing

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Our professional team is on hand to proof your property against rats, mice, and other rodent pests. We can also remove any infestations you might already be dealing with. Rodents are difficult to remove, and dangerous to live with - there’s no shame in getting experienced help!

Infestation Isn't Pleasant

Rats and mice are surprisingly resourceful and cunning animals. They can find or create cracks or weak spots in the walls and enter a building or create a safe hiding place, and once inside they’ll eat almost anything and reproduce with incredible speed. A single breeding pair of rats can produce up to fifty offspring over the course of a single year, and none of them will be leaving unless you force them to.

What The Consequences Are

Rodents can be extremely destructive to your household and health. They will chew through clothing, wires, papers, and any other soft items they can find in order to create nesting material. They can also create or enlarge holes in the walls and destroy insulation and wiring. Lastly, they can get into cupboards or pantries and eat your food. Worst of all, they carry a variety of diseases, and leave their infectious droppings everywhere they go.

Keeping Them Out

The best thing you can when dealing with rodent pests is to prevent them from getting into your home or business in the first place. Our expert team will go over your property with a fine-tooth comb, finding any cracks or weaknesses that a rat could enter through and will seal them with rodent-proof material. This is especially important if your building has had rodent problems at any point in the past; those old mouseholes aren’t going away on their own, and a new population could easily rediscover them.

Humane, Active Removal

If you’re dealing with a live population, our company provides safe, humane removal services. Poison and lethal traps can be hazardous to pets and small children. Using expert skills and specialized equipment, we'll remove the pests alive without any bodily risk to them or to you.

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If you have reason to think your house might be threatened by rodents, give us a call right now. We provide our services anywhere within Concord limits, and at a reasonable price.

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